Meal Plans & Flexible Eating

Nutrition is the cornerstone of your health, your results, and a HUGE part of our programming. If you’re not ready to bite off fitness, or if you have a fitness routine you already love, dive into one of our Nutritional E-Courses.

NUTRITION is 90% of your results.

I offer two main nutrition plans, plus do customized macros as needed.


intuitive eating

Nutrition + Mindset Plan

The Mindset Plan takes a different approach to food than what fad diets have been telling us for years. In fact, it’s not a diet at all. It’s a mindset. And once you learn it, you’ll finally be in total control of food and your body, so you’ll forever know how to lose weight—happily—and keep it off.

What You’ll Discover:

Overcome emotional eating. End mindless snacking. And stop punishing yourself for indulging in the foods you love. It’s time to free yourself from deprivation diets. With the 2B Mindset, you can love your body and lose weight while still enjoying your favorite foods.


Portioning & Macros

Macro Based Plan

This plan will teach you how to feed your whole family healthy meals, eat for performance, and help beat sugar addiction. It’s now simpler and easier than ever to meet your goals. You’ll be armed with delicious new recipes, useful tools, and healthy hacks to help you finally overcome your obstacles and lose the weight for good.

With my portion fixed meal plans you’ll pick food you love and simply integrate them into your Plug and Play meal Plan. Your meal plan is set to your 40/40/30 macros plan, an industry and healhty standard to ensure you get balanced macros nutritents while achieving your fitness and wellness golas.


You can also follow our Ultimate Portions Fix E-Course to learn more about portions, macros, busting sugar addition, kids nutrition, as well as timed nutrition and carb cycling.



Nutrition your Body Craves

Simple, powerful health. Crafted with delicious whole food-based nutrition, Shakeology is an easy way to start your day on the right foot.

Premium sources of protein, and so much more…

On top of high-quality proteins, Shakeology® also contains so much nutrition your body craves—digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, adaptogens, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, all crucial to being healthy and feeling great.

It makes sense that a machine as complex as your body feels and functions better on sophisticated, higher-quality nutrition. Our formula has an industry reputation for top-quality sourcing, potent ingredients, and delicious taste that other shakes simply don’t.

Our goal was never to make an average product.


Why? Because you can already find plenty of run-of-the-mill supplements at the supermarket. But more importantly, we believe you feel better when you feed your body high-quality, whole food-based nutrition. That’s why we set out to create the most potent shake we could with the best ingredients we could find—without compromising our values.



Gut Reset

Gut Reset Cleanse

  • If you’ve been struggling with unhealthy eating habits, an overdependence on caffeine, junk food, or alcohol, or if you’ve just been experiencing low energy and a sluggish feeling, you might want to consider making a few key changes to your daily routine. The Ultimate Reset is your step-by-step, 21-day guide to cleaner eating, healthier living and a happy digestive system.

    How you’ll benefit with the Reset:

  • Challenge yourself to a disciplined 21-day program of clean eating and healthy nutrition. Create real, long-term change by taking back control of your diet and your life.

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